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I made it my mission to find a great pie in Oakville that didn't come from a chain restaurant, and my search stopped after trying Fantastico's.  

As an aside, my search was motivated by an extreme hatred for Pizza Pizza.  As a Raptors fan, I was always infuriated that Raps fans at the ACC were more interested in cheering for their free slice of cardboard when the team scored 100 points than the home team winning the game.  Plus, I believe that people who like this product (I refuse to call it pizza) have taste like an onion.

Anyways, having said that, I believe that Fantastico's is the anti-Pizza Pizza, in that it is delicious.  The toppings are fresh, the crust is seasoned and flavorful, and the sauce is tasty as well.  Plus, it is cooked in a wood burning oven.  In fact, the whole kitchen is open concept as these guys have nothing to hide and everything happens right in front of your very eyes.  It is quite obvious this restaurant is proud of their pies.  

The service here is also top notch.  The staff on the phone are very polite, and welcoming.  The staff in store also make you feel like a valued customer.  Very hospitable.  All around, a great experience.  

Oakville as a town has strange taste, for the most part, and seems to love chain restaurants.  This makes it all the more rewarding to find an independent place with a product far superior to the chains.  Fantastico Pizza, I salute you!

Michael P.
(yelp reviewer)
This is my favourite place to order pizza from in Oakville. Compared to all the big name places, Fantastico is a million times better. The crust, toppings, sauce, everything! Plus they have a very polite staff. I actually enjoy ordering take out from them over the phone. 

(google reviewer)

 The portions and quality of Fantastico's food were unbelievable. The greek salad was large and not small like other places, and the pizza (jumbo size) was so huge that I even had trouble getting it into my front door (no exaggeration). "It was like pizza used to be, where you could actually taste the sauce and toppings. I will definitely order from Fantastico's again and again! 
Liked: Food, Service, Value

(google reviewer)

The pizza is amazing. We ordered 6 pizza's for a work lunch and they where amazing. the whole staff raved about them. A must try if you are in Oakville. 

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